Sunday, August 28, 2011

blog post #1

Hello world! My name is Michelle Knight. Im a resident of Mobile, Alabama. As of now i am a transfer student from Faulkner State C.C and now attend The University of South Alabama. So far so good i'm in love with South lol. I am a Early Childhood/Elementary Education major. I enjoy working with kids. Im currently employed at Sure Word Daycare. where i'm a teachers aide, working with kids ageing from one to two years old. i enjoy teaching. working with kids is my passion. my number one goal for the next two or three years are to stay focus and graduate! After graduation I want jobs lined up at my front door lol.
I also enjoy singing.(yes i can sing really!) I have a passion for singing. I enjoy listening to new and different groups. singing keeps me in tune with my education. I have a high voice.(so watch out) my high school choir director taught the values of being young ladies and young men. He would be so proud of who Im am as a person. I live for my daughter. Her name is Ty'meria and she's a handful. she is my motivation the reason why i'm the person i am today...